Body Art - Another Form of Art

Art is not only limited to paper or wood or stone. Now-a-days art does not necessarily means a painting on the canvas or a sculpture. Body art is an emerging form of art. A person's body serves as a canvas for different form of art like tattooing, piercing and mehendi. Though it is still gaining recognition the art of piercing and painting the body was there since ancient times. Tribal villagers used to paint their bodies and pierce different parts of their body to wear ornaments. They did this mainly due to follow their local customs and cultures. At present tattooing and piercing is a form of a style statement. Body art is mainly an expression of a person's individuality and freedom of spirit. Body art can be again of different forms.

Tattoo - Tattoo is a very common form of body art. A tattoo can be either permanent or temporary. A permanent tattoo lasts forever but the process is immensely painful. So if you are not that courageous you should go for a temporary tattoo which is not at all painful but that does not last for long. A tattoo can be done on any part of your body. If you can not come up with your own design you can search the net for one. There are many websites that will give you thousands of designs to choose from. The designs vary from dragons, skulls, animals to butterflies, flowers and even abstracts. Some websites even offer downloadable temporary tattoos and also tattoo stencils. One such website is the tattoo Johnny website. You can download the tattoo stencil from the website and take the printout to the local tattoo parlor and get the tattoo permanently on your skin.

Piercing - Body piercing is another form of art. Ear piercing is the most common form of piercing. Most women pierce their ears when they are just little girls. When they grow up they get some more piercing on their ear. Men also pierce their ears. Piercing other parts of your body is also quite famous now. You can pierce your nose, your tongue, your cheeks, your eyebrows and if you are more brave and courageous you can also try piercing your nipples, your navel or your genitals. Piercing is done mainly due to wear jewellery and there are different kinds of jewellery with which you can flaunt your piercings.

Nail art - Nail art is yet another form of body art. It is mainly adorned by women. It is a form of art where a woman's nails are painted with color. You can also keep them nude and just apply a coat of glossy nail polish or you can also go for a French manicure if you want to keep it simple. In order to glamorize your nails a bit you can apply some bright colored nail polish and stick stones and make patterns or you can also use different colors together. If you have short nails you can also use artificial nails that are easily available.