Face Painting - An Introduction

Body painting is a common form of application of colours, drawing, and painting of pictures on human body. It is an art in which, the human body is used as a medium for paint. There are different reasons for body painting, and a type of body painting is face painting. Face painting is the artistic application of colours, drawings, and paints on face. Face painters and artist use paints to decorate their faces, to show their feelings, or desires through painting on their faces. This is done using the water based cosmetic paints, and it has become a very common activity for different parties, celebrations, and events.

For many centuries, people have used face painting for different purposes including military, religious, and hunting. The activity and art became popular when in 1960s many women started painting flags, or symbols on their cheeks for promoting peace during different anti-war protests. We can say that the use of make up on face for decorating and adding colour is also closely related to this art.

Face print is also used in different profession. For example at a circus, it is a very important part of the costume. The clowns and actors paint their faces smiley, or like different characters to entertain. The activity of using face-painting for entertainment is very common in Europe, and it can be seen at different fairs, and open-air markets for attracting children, and adolescents.

Face picture is taken as a part of an outfit when it comes to parties, and celebrations. It is a very common activity at a festival or a children party where the children get their faces painted like their favourite characters. The art makes them feel like a real cat, fairy, prate, clown, dog, or any other character that they want to be.

Popular face-painting ideas, and designs among the youngsters that they use for birthday parties, Halloween, or themed parties are tiger, clown, super hero like spider-man, Dalmatian dog, cat, fairy pirate, etc. There are different types of face picture designs, and ideas, and all depends on their use. The main purpose is however to attract, and get attention of the people.