Four Most Weird Festivals in the World

Travelers are always fascinated by the unusual things inherently. They integrate themselves into the foreign culture and customs, lose themselves in strange places and dare to take risks in order to get to the bottom of things. Finally, they realized that the cross-border culture has shared values for families and celebration with our culture, although foreign culture seems strange on the surface. Today, let us know some very weird festivals around the world.

1. Festival of Color -- India

The Indian festival of color is a traditional festival in India. It is derived from the Indian myth. This festival usually lasts two days according to Indian calendar, which usually falls in February or March. On the first night, people use high bonfire logs and dry shrubs to celebrate it. The next day is called Dhuleti. Men and women, old and young with their faces painted with colorful paint, all gather in the streets and exchange gifts. Family members gather together to greet the arrival of spring and celebrate the victory of expelling demons.

2. Songkran Festival -- Thailand

In the past years, Thai have developed sprinkling water on this traditional celebration ceremony into the largest "water war" in the world. Anyone who dares to stand in the street on this festival will be the target of garden hoses and water balloon bombs. The body will be wet through, so remember to bring towels.

3. Festival of Pig -- France

During this festival every year, French will praise pigs, the greatest animal on earth they think. This holiday is held in mid-August every year in a town called Trie Sur Baise, which was once the largest pig farm in France. There will be different games with pigs for children during this holiday, including the funny feast.

4. Night Radish Festival -- Mexico

This name may sound like a horror movie of vegetarianism. In fact, this attractive festival is the former Christmas celebration of Mexico. On December 23rd every year, thousands of people will gather at the main plaza of Culver City and appreciate the works of sculptors who are vegetarian. These sculptor masters created statues of great saints and Jesus. Of course, all the sculptor are made of radishes.