Is My Woman Body Pious - Beauty of Marriage - Part 13?

"Ten percent of liberal Western thinkers, in the name of Human Rights
Liberties have destroyed the basic fibers of cultured, social and
civilized societies of West in the past century and they are doing so with Asian societies now"

"Anyone who divorces his wife, except for fornication, and marries another, commits adultery" said Jesus Christ, the Messiah (Mathew, chapter-19, verse-9) at Judea before revealing the true virtues of pious life and his mission of taking back his sheep to the Kingdom of Heaven (KOH). Whom the Messiah had called sheep needs insight cosmic journey to know but the Prophet had unambiguously advised to follow the Laws of Nature (LON)? When Kremer versus Kremer film was released in the West, the people were thrilled as to how appalling were the pressures of life on husband, wife and children? People were moved with the theme as it was affecting every second couple.

Infact now days, the true sense of marriage has been lost. The 200 years of freedom of Westerners in the name of Human Rights have destroyed the basic fabrics of social societies. The institution of marriage is eroding and being replaced with the new concept of what I termed as "Living in Couples Partners (LICAP)". Though it has destroyed the family cultures, traditions and social ethics of west nearly a century before; but it has poisoned shortsighted glittering life style living youths in Asian Sub continent now. The LICAP concept of few men and women is not only revolves around the outlook of lust, sex and profanity; but also giving birth to bastards and illegitimate children thus, making the "Prophecy of Destruction of World" of the Jesus Christ, the Messiah's true.