lead Paint is Very Toxic to the Human Body

Lead paint is a toxic substance that can cause serious illnesses and other problems in adults and children. Before the 80's, it was not known that lead based paint caused health problems, so it was used then. However, now everyone knows how toxic it is, and it is no longer in use. However, when it was in use, it was responsible for many illnesses and even deaths in individuals, especially young children.

One of the ways that the presence of lead paint is discovered in children is through their elevated blood levels. When high blood levels are detected in children, their homes are usually tested for lead based paint.

If the toxic paint is found in the home, then the children must be removed to a safe location until the toxic paint is gone. If you are not sure if your house is safe from toxic paint, then it is best to get it tested.

There are licensed lead inspectors or risk assessors that can help you determine if your house is safe, and what you need to do if it is not. In many cases, the lead inspector can also search your home for asbestos fibers in your home, which is another highly toxic and environmentally unsafe substance to have in your home.