Sexy Easter Gifts for Couples

With Easter fast approaching and the idea of eating too many Easter eggs an all too prominent memory from last year perhaps you should turn your attention to an Easter gift that you can share with your partner that will last a long time after Easter eggs have all gone.

Sticking with the egg theme, why not substitute Easter eggs with love eggs and bullets. Designed to stimulate the g-spot, love eggs are small circular shaped balls which usually contain smaller inner balls and can be inserted into one of the erogenous zones creating pleasure whenever any degree of movement (for example, walking or running) is made by user. Coming with a handy pull cord so they cannot go too far inside, they can be worn discreetly underneath clothing or enjoyed in the bedroom with a partner. Bullets are small vibrators that can be used either alone or with a partner and come with either single or multi-speed vibrations available at the touch of a button.

You could also try replacing the chocolate Easter bunny for a rabbit vibrator. Also known as rabbit sex toys, rabbit vibes come in all shapes and sizes ranging from mini vibes all the way to 11 inch long models. What distinguishes rabbit sex toys from other types on the market is that, aimed at women, they not only have a shaft that thrusts away (containing pleasure pearls that rotate) but also a 'rabbit' feature that stimulates the clitoris when activated. This special kind of adult toy can be used alone or with a partner for increased fun and games at bedtime.