Simple and Contemporary Face Paint Designs

Painting is all about discovering the magic of colours, patterns and designs. Face painting is all about painting magic that can alter faces of people or children into something totally different from what they actually are.

Face painting has been a part of human culture since the evolution of mankind. Tribal groups introduced face painting and body painting to show their concern and faithfulness to a particular group. American Indians, the first inhabitants of the USA, also practiced face painting culture, for identification of the tribal group they belonged to.

In modern times, unions and associations groups had symbols on their faces, to show their union for a cause. Theatre actors often get their faces painted, as it is an occupational requirement. Artists and jokers use face painting designs to make their facial expressions more noticeable while performing on the stage. Sportsmen also colour their faces with face painting designs of the national flag or the colours of the team lucky charm. Every year in Europe, there is a body painting festival, and lots of people take part in face painting.

There are countless practical uses of face painting. In the army, commandos in the fields, often paint their faces with green, black or brown colours to camouflage themselves and dissolve in the landscape at some stages in stealth operations. Face painting designs are immensely admired by kids; they enjoy getting their faces painted at parks and fairs. Therefore, painting designs can be used for camouflage, for representing faithfulness and most importantly, for the sake of fun. Some of the most popular and simple face-painting designs that are fun to paint and carry around are as follows.

A cat, tiger or any cat like face-painting designs are extremely popular and quite simple to paint. First of all, you should decide the background colour, depending upon the type of feline face you are painting. Background should be consisting of colours like yellow, brown or orange. Among kids, Tiger faces are very much liked and appreciated. For making your face-painting prominent, you can make outline of eyes with black liners, nose and whiskers with black dots. If you are painting a tiger face then draw black stripes around the eyes, nose and face.