Ten Rules of Body Face Painting

Face painting is an art that is both fun and easy to do. Your canvass here is the human face. This is only temporary and lasts for a few hours at most. Traditional body painting started in the early 12th century. In some cultures, this was done for religious rituals; in others, to celebrate ancient ceremonies. Today, it is done more for fun.

If you are new to the art of body face painting, here are some rules you should keep in mind.

  1. Use paints made specifically for face painting. Make sure that these paints are FDA approved and are water based. As you will be painting on human skin, using paint not designed for such, may result in severe allergic reactions.
  2. Keep all your materials within easy reach. When you start painting, you don't want to go running around searching for your materials. Prepare everything you need before starting.
  3. When applying paint to a large surface, use a sponge. The trick here is to use only a minimal amount of water. Otherwise, you would be applying the paint too thinly. If you want a thicker base, apply three to four coats. Avoid layering the paint on too thickly at one time as this will result in cracking later on.
  4. In putting on paint with the use of a brush, the same principle in water color applies. The more water you use, the easier it will be to spread the paint around.
  5. To create a three-dimensional appearance, start from the palest shade going on the darkest.
  6. To avoid smearing your work, use different sponges and brushes for each color.
  7. Use tools of superior quality. Since you will be painting on a human face only the best tools should be utilized. It is always better to be safe than sorry.
  8. Keep your model comfortable. In face painting, your canvass isn't just a blank sheath of cloth. It is another human being. You have to ensure that your model is positioned comfortably.
  9. Practice makes perfect. Face painting is a skill that can be developed. The more you paint, the better you become.
  10. Be happy! If you exude happiness in your work it will show and the results will be exceptional