World Cup 2010 Face Painting Ideas

Face painting is one of the ways with which people express their feelings towards something they love and adore. Historically, it was used by warrior tribes as a means to express their anger and frustration. Today it has gotten a lighter and more pleasant side to it. It is considered an enjoyable activity at festivals, sports events and parties. It is an effortless way of entertainment even at home, just to break the tediousness. Even adolescents love to be a part of it, let alone the kids. Face painting has become more of an art today and there are many face painting designs which one can learn, if he/she wants to enjoy this activity.

The recent trend sees face painting as continuously growing among the passionate fans at various sports events. Be it cricket, soccer, tennis, car racing or golf, fans have always found means to express themselves outrageously; face and body painting being the most common and all time favourites. In order to show support for their teams, people dress audaciously and wear bright colours on their faces. This sort of consumer behaviour has in a way turned out beneficial for the marketers as well who do their branding through these teams.

Sports like football, cricket and tennis are followed fanatically in many regions across the world.
The vigour and the zeal that these teams and their followers bring together during a period of 3-4 hours is just amazing. Fans wear national colours, flags and the names of their favourite players on their faces. At such events face painters are hired. This has also been an attraction for the sports media who can use photographs and videos to support their news updates and programs.

World cups are the most awaited events throughout the year for sports lovers. They come up with all the crazy face painting ideas.

1. Flags
It is definitely about your national pride. Wearing the flag of your country during a world cup match is a true reflection of patriotism. This is one of the most common ways to demonstrate your love and support for your country.

2. Costume colours and country names
Spray your hair and paint your faces with the custom team colors to show your spirit. You can also wear official logos on your faces.

3. Favourite players
You can draw your favourite player on one side of your face and his/her name on the other side to show your fondness.

4. Wear props and accessories
To augment your face painting, wear hats and other fancy accessories. You can be as creative with it as you want.

5. Use a combination of ideas
You can spray paint official world cup logo on your hair; whilst paint the flag of your country on your face.

6. Face Mask
You can paint the football helmet on your face as a mask.