Brooke Mueller Back in Rehab

Brooke Mueller Back in Rehab

Charlie Sheen's troubled ex-wife Brooke Mueller is back in rehab, according to Radar Online. But the 33-year-old has found treatment in an inpatient facility in the United States -- and not in an "extreme rehab" center in Mexico, as she originally intended.

Mueller, who has long battled addiction, has tried to kick drugs on numerous occasions over the years. But with the looming threat that she could lose custody of her 2-year-old twins Bob and Max to Sheen, Brooke has turned to increasinly desperate measures.

When a recent stint in outpatient rehab didn't take, Mueller reportedly set her sights on trying "extreme rehab" in Mexico. The treatment plan there would have involved taking the hallucinogenic drug Ibogaine, which is illegal in the U.S. and can supposedly help break drug and alcohol addictions -- but can have some very nasty side effects on one's personality. (Sounds like a great idea, right? Kick an addiction to drugs by taking more drugs. Eh, maybe not.) Not surprisingly, Mueller's South-of-the-Border plans raised concerns from friends, family and even Dr. Drew Pinsky.

As fate would have Mueller twice attempted to fly from Los Angeles to Mexico over the past week -- but failed on both occasions. First, she got into a fight with a flight attendant and was escorted off the plane before it left the gate.

After being hospitalized following that altercation, Mueller made a second attempt to fly to Mexico, but was thwarted when she forgot to bring her passport to the airport.

Wising up, Mueller decided to rethink the whole Mexico idea. "She was convinced that was a sign to not go to Mexico," a source tells Radar. "Brooke was aware that Ibogaine is a very dangerous drug to take, and could potentially do more harm than good for her."

Mueller has now checked herself into an inpatient facility, which is definitely a step in the right direction. "Brooke has resisted entering a residential facility because she didn't want to be away from her sons," a source close to Mueller tells Radar. "Brooke did complete several outpatient programs in the past six months, but she would quickly relapse. Brooke finally realized she had to check in for intense treatment." We certainly hope she gets the help she needs -- and hopefully that won't ever involve hallucinogenic drugs in Mexico.


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