Candice Swanepoel's Fabulous Fantasies

Showing off her gorgeous good looks, Candice Swanepoel helped to launch the new Victoria?s Secret Fantasies body care and fragrance collection earlier today (July 19).

The blonde bombshell was glowing in a strapless, summer dress and heels as she posed for pictures alongside Extra's Mario Lopez in the press area of The Grove in Los Angeles, CA.

And while most would assume that Miss Swanepoel is on a strict workout/diet regimen in order to keep her thin frame, don?t let her nearly perfect frame fool you.

Candice recently admitted, ?Lately I?ve been eating whatever I want. When I was younger it used to affect me a lot more, I would feel it in my face, but as I?m older I can eat whatever I want. To feel good and healthy I eat a lot of vegetables, drink a lot of water, and I eat a lot of meat like steak because I want to build muscle.?

And while she's been eating healthy most days, she also admitted that she never deprives herself. ?I?ll indulge in pasta, pizza and lots of yummy things,? Candice dished.


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