creative female back body paint

Mostly I had to learn to forgive my sister for ultimately choosing death. I had to find peace with my mother for her abuse. I had to let go of the guilt of my choice to live and remember that I was a good and loving person, even though I couldn't save my family. I had to integrate my childhood, the younger woman and now surrender to the wise woman. I was resisting turning sixty and hammering at my regrets in life. What challenged me the most was forgiveness for me, accepting I was human and allowing others in to help me heal. I was afraid that if I showed my greatest vulnerabilities that I would lose everything and everyone. That I didn't have the right to heal others because I still had so much to heal. I ventured into the underworld where Isis had her soul stripped and hung on a rack. I returned to Earth fully aware of my choices. I started up a part-time practice, created new paintings and sought ways to publish my novel. I had to reacquaint myself with faith, confidence and love. I found without a doubt that facing death offered me the insight to my most profound wisdom and gifts