Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield: Spider-Man at Comic-Con

Joining the unending star power in San Diego, Emma Stone turned up for the Comic-Con 2011 festivities on Friday (July 22).

The 22-year-old actress changed from a blue frock with a white buttondown sweater overtop into a sexy little black dress as she joined co-star/rumored beau Andrew Garfield - who arrived clad in full costume - for a panel Q&A session for their upcoming movie "The Amazing Spider-Man".

With the 3-D flick due in theaters on July 3, 2012, the conversation kicked off with a little joking around. Asked how she was drawn to partake in the comic book based picture, Emma answered, ?Sorry, I?m going to embarrass you [turning to Mr Garfield]. For me it was Andrew.?

Getting more serious, Emma continued, ?I think Marc [the director] is amazing, and the producers are amazing, and Sony is amazing, the script was so interesting. It?s a different story than you?ve seen before, but it was Andrew because my character experiences everything with Peter [Parker]. It?s her first love. They experience so much together, he teaches her so much, they teach each other so much and so with [Andrew] it made sense. Once I read with him and once I met him it just made sense.?

To this, Andrew chimed in, ?That?s nice of you to say."

Also asked to describe the first time they saw one another in costume, Emma said, ?I walked in and he was in the full Spider-Man suit." Garfield interrupted to offer more detail by adding, "Scratching my ass.?

?Scratching his ass. Which was great,? Emma said after taking the conversation back over. ?No but I went in and I needed to stand next to him for the camera test and I really inappropriately started touching [Andrew]. He?s like stop touching me! I was like you have to realize everyone is in the room with Spider-Man. This isn?t just about you! Everyone is around Spider-Man right now."

To this, Garfield proclaimed, ?It had nothing to do with me." Emma then finished off by saying, ?It had nothing to do with you at all. So it was pretty incredible to see him in costume for he first time. I couldn?t see his face."

Source: http://celebrity-gossip.net/spider-man-4/emma-stone-andrew-garfield-spider-man-comic-con-526938

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