EXCLUSIVE: Adam West on Comic-Con, His Fans and Batman's 'Bright Knight' Era

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Once upon a time, a geeky little guy in a straw hat pulled his pony up beside an old shed on a hard-dirt wheat farm in Walla Walla, Washington. Through a broken window he'd spotted a pile of dust-covered paper. He dropped Babe's reins and stepped inside the old shack. Shards of fly-speckled glass littered the place, and one piece the size and shape of a magnifying glass rested atop the stack of paper. He was looking at some old-timer's treasure trove of abandoned Batman comic books. The kid sat down on a dusty wood box and began to read. In his imagination, he was Batman. And so began the amazing journey that would define his life.

The kid from Walla Walla became Batman. His was a hold-tight rocket flight from then to the time zone of now. And he's still playing pretend in the elusive and mysterious world of pop culture. The farm and pony are gone, but the geeky kid remains. He's been in your face for more than 40 years, as Batman, Bruce Wayne, Mayor West and other slightly odd but amusing pretend people. Most of the time, however, he's just Adam West, an actor who lives with and indulges those other strange, bigger-than-life characters ...

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