A Girl, a Corpse and Edgar Allan Poe in New 'Twixt' Photos

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New photos of Francis Ford Coppola's gothic mystery tale 'Twixt,' have just been released, showing Val Kilmer and Bruce Dern conferring over a corpse, and Kilmer's writer character with his ghostly guides, Elle Fanning and Edgar Allan Poe (Ben Chaplin).

Those of us were at Comic-Con for Coppola's "live" version of his film haven't just seen these images, we had them burned into our consciousness while Coppola tested different edits of the same five or six scenes.

While many fans seemed to get a kick out of Coppola's disorganized on-the-fly approach, there's really only so many times you can watch Kilmer's novelist character rewrite the same sentence without needing a belt of his bourbon.

Photos after the jump.

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