Hot Sexy Words That Will Cast A Spell On Him

Unfortunately, many women struggle to know how to seduce men. Knowing how to seduce your man is an art. When you learn the secrets of the private world of seduction, it will help you to literally cast a spell on your man.

Seduction is more than using your body or giving a man sex. It is getting inside his mind. It is opening the doors of his mind to the possibilities of adventure, pleasure and excitement. When you know the art of seducing your man, you will know how to drive his excitement for you through the roof.

One of the many ways to seduce your man is by being playful. When you are being playful, you are responding to him without expectations. You are creating a world in which he can let his guard down. When he enters inside this world, he will feel good just thinking about you. He will feel the possibilities of being drawn in by you and want to know more and more as time goes on.

You can create a magnetic presence with just your language. You can use words to play with him so that he feels it like fire on the inside. When he begins to feel his heart pounding in a magical way, he will feel mesmerized by your presence and want to connect with you in a much deeper way.

One of the things you must focus on is not to go into extremes. So you can't just keep using similar words over and over again or keep moving towards him in the same way. You have to get inside the private world of seduction which is all about using a playful strategy that makes your man feel as though he's on a beach somewhere having the time of his life.

Here are some hot sexy words to use to get him started. The key to this is that you want to paint pictures on your man's mind in a way where you're insinuating instead of being blatant about your intentions. The tips below are best sent via text message but you have to know the entire strategy to make them world like magic.