Julia Roberts Ad Yanked for Over-Airbrushing

Not letting the public be fooled over too-perfect features, Britain?s Advertising Standards Authority pulled a photo of Julia Roberts for being overly-airbrushed.

According to the Guardian, it was Parliament Member Jo Swinson who first took action against the manipulated ad for Lancome, along with another one that features Christy Turlington, saying that they could impact a person?s body image.

She told press, "We should have some honesty in advertising and that's exactly what the ASA is there to do. I'm delighted they've upheld these complaints."

"There's a big picture here which is half of young women between 16 and 21 say they would consider cosmetic surgery and we've seen eating disorders more than double in the last 15 years," Swinson explained. "There's a problem out there with body image and confidence. The way excessive retouching has become pervasive in our society is contributing to that problem."

Jo continued, "Excessive airbrushing and digital manipulation techniques have become the norm, but both Christy Turlington and Julia Roberts are naturally beautiful women who don't need retouching to look great. This ban sends a powerful message to advertisers -- let's get back to reality."

Source: http://celebrity-gossip.net/julia-roberts/julia-roberts-ad-yanked-over-airbrushing-528483

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