Katie Holmes on Plastic Surgery: "I Don't Think I'd Ever Do My Lips"

Katie Holmes on Plastic Surgery: "I Don't Think I'd Ever Do My Lips"

From the looks of Katie Holmes on the cover of the August InStyle, we can't imagine her ever worrying about needing plastic surgery. But the 32-year-old admits that she has been thinking about getting older and says she's hoping to "age gracefully."

Still, Tom Cruise's wife isn't ruling out anything. Holmes admits if she finds that the age gods are not being so forgiving, she may just "have to figure it out."

"But I don’t think I’m ever going to do my lips -- my sisters would kill me!" Holmes said of her three older sisters, whom she played dress-up with when she was younger.

For now, Holmes -- who has her own high-end fashion line at Barneys New York -- is using her killer fashion sense to keep herself looking good. "I'm not afraid to try a new designer or do something trendy, but it has to look right on my body," she says. "You don’t want to look like a fashion victim!"

And, though you made find this hard to believe, not everything is a hit on her.

"Certain colors don’t work on me; yellow isn’t my friend," Holmes says. "I don't like big, pouffy sleeves. And some dresses, like if it has a big bow and skirt, are too old-ladyish on me. If I can wear it when I'm 80 I’m going to wait." 

Still, there's one go-to article of clothing that can always make her feel good. Holmes' favorite fashion splurge is a nice pair of panties!

"They make you feel special when you put them on in the morning," she explains. "Even when I was a little girl I loved my ‘days of the week’ pairs. I love the hot pink ones, that makes my day!"

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