Lady Gaga on Drug Use & Her Sex Life

Lady Gaga on Drug Use & Her Sex Life

Lady Gaga makes no bones about the fact that she is an open book to her Little Monsters. And Monday, while a guest on Howard Stern's show, she proved it once again, candidly discussing her past drug use -- which included, among other things, quite a bit of cocaine. But Gaga didn't glorify her drug habit, instead directly telling her fans that they should steer clear of the stuff. "To any of the little sweethearts that are listening, don't touch (cocaine)," the 25-year-old star said. "It's the devil."

"I was so unhappy," Gaga said, by way of explaining why she turned to hard-core drugs. "Yeah. I think that I was lonely and there was something about the drugs that made me feel like I had a friend." But Gaga insists that she didn't turn to narcotics to fit in with her peers. "I didn't do it with other people, though. I did it alone. I did it all alone in my apartment and I wrote music," she said. "And you know what? I regret every line I ever did."

Gaga says she's off drugs now -- except for marijuana. "Well, come on, that's not (a drug)," she joked. "I really don't do it very often. I'm really honest about it."

Of course, this being Howard Stern's show, there was also some frank talk about sex where all bets are off. And, true to his M.O., Stern asked Gaga about experimenting with women. "That was later, that was college, that was brief," she said. And, though she played coy about the status of her relationship with ex Luc Carl (she called him her "best friend"), she did admit that she "got laid last night."

After all the candid talk, Gaga did have one final message for all her Little Monsters. "I've got a lot of young fans," she told Stern. "I love you and I respect this show and I know you want to talk about sex and cocaine and all of that. But the truth is: I don't want anyone doing drugs, a, and b, honestly you should wait as long as you can to have sex, because as a woman you don't even begin to enjoy it until your mid-20s. When you're 17, you don't even know how to operate what's going on down there and you shouldn't try." They don't call her Mother Monster for nothing!

(Watch a video clip from the interview below.)




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