Meow! Katy Perry & Russell Brand Hire "Cat Whisperer"

Meow! Katy Perry & Russell Brand Hire "Cat Whisperer"

Newlyweds Katy Perry and Russell Brand may not have children just yet, but they still have a brood a home that needs taking care of. Much like siblings, Perry's three cats -- Krusty, Kitty Purry and Morrissey -- were having trouble adjusting to the singer being away from home so much and began fighting. In attempt to get her feline friends happy again she called for help -- and hired a cat whisperer!

"He realigned their chakras and did some hypnosis," Perry, 26, told Us Weekly. "We were like, 'Wow, this is extravagant!'"

The magazine recently put out an all-Katy Perry special issue, that includes in-depth interviews with the singer, follows her back-stage at one of her concerts, and shares personal photos of her home life.

We're sure some of those candid shots include the kitties that are such a huge part of Perry's life. In a recent interview with Ellen DeGeneres, the "E.T" singer said that she and Brand love "being at home with our cats and having fun."

Perry and Brand take such good care of their pets that we can only imagine what awesome parents they'll make some day. They probably already have the Baby Whisperer's number on speed dial!


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