More Ladies For Chainsaw 3D

Update: Now with added Eastwood!

No, not Clint, but his youngest son Scott Eastwood has landed Chainsaw 3D's male-lead role of Carl. Deadline report that his contract is for three films.... .... The cast for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D is filling up quickly now. We heard last week that Percy Jackson's Alexandra Daddario would be taking the lead, and we now learn that she'll be joined in her Leatherface shenanigans by Tania Raymonde and Sue Rock. Raymonde has a few smallish movies on her CV but is probably best known for playing Alex Rousseau in Lost. In Chainsaw she'll be Nikki, a small town girl with an attitude and the best friend of Daddario's Heather. She's also currently starring in MTV's Death Valley, so at least she'll have a day-job to return to after the inevitable evisceration. Rock meanwhile is playing Arlene . There are no details other than that so far, but it's reasonable to assume that she's further meat for the beast. Her biggest movie to date seems to be Varsity Blues, but she was once in Walker, Texas Ranger. What would Chuck Norris do to Leatherface, we wonder?Chainsaw veteran Bill Moseley is also said to be aboard the project, which follows directly from Tobe Hooper's original film and reportedly ignores recent continuity (such as it is). The synopsis is here, and it's still amazing. Kirsten Elms took the most recent stab at the screenplay; Marc Burg is producing; Mark Luessenhop (Takers) is directing; and shooting starts shortly for a release at Hallowe'en next year.


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