Robert Pattinson's Baby-Biting Story

During one of the many Comic-Con interviews, Robert Pattinson offered up one of his more interesting stories while joined by Kristen Stewart for a brief chat with Cineplex.

Asked about unusual moments with the die-hard "Twilight" fans, Pattinson reminisced on a time in which a lady handed him her three-month-old baby while asking him to sink his vampire teeth into the little one for a photo op.

Pattinson interestingly dished, ?I didn?t really understand the reality of the situation at that point? But there is a picture of me somewhere on the Internet biting this baby.?

Taken aback by her co-star beau's story, Miss Stewart quickly jumped into the conversation while asking, ?You bit the baby?!??

To this, Robert replied, ?I didn?t actually like, touch it. The baby is so young the entire head fit into my mouth.?


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