What Is Film's Best Wyatt Earp Performance?

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Call it 'Cowboys & Mobsters.'

Harrison Ford
is following up his elder statesman role in 'Cowboys & Aliens' by playing a venerable Western lawman, Wyatt Earp -- but instead of battling desperadoes in spurs, he'll be fighting gangsters in pinstripes.

According to The Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision blog, Ford is attached to star in 'Black Hats,' in which an aging Earp finds himself in Brooklyn, taking on the gangsters led by the young Al Capone. Helping the septuagenarian lawman is his old partner-in-arms, Bat Masterson, who has become a New York sportswriter. (In real life, Earp lived until 1929, though he spent his last years in Los Angeles, not New York. Masterson did indeed become a New York sportswriter, and he died at his desk in 1921.) The screenplay is based on a novel by Max Allan Collins, who wrote the graphic novel that became the 2002 gangster epic 'Road to Perdition.'

Ford would join a long line of iconic actors, including Henry Fonda, Burt Lancaster and James Stewart, who have portrayed the legendary lawman. Still, with so many Wyatt Earps -- some 50 or so previous incarnations in movies and TV -- can Ford's fanciful take stand out? Here are some of the most memorable Earps in movie history; check them out and see if you think Ford's version can stand tall enough to fill those boots.

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