Will Casey Anthony Get a TV Show?

Will Casey Anthony Get a TV Show?

With Casey Anthony being released from jail on July 17, many are wondering, "What's next for her?" And also: "Will it involve a TV show?"

There's good reason to consider the possibility. According to the Los Angeles Times, rumors flew Thursday that she had been signed by the talent agency, William Morris. The scuttlebutt was quickly denied by the agency itself. But the Times also pointed out the ample history of notorious figures making their way onto the TV airwaves, including Amy Fisher (Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew), Rod Blagojevich (The Celebrity Apprentice), Tonya Harding (Celebrity Boxing), and Eliot Spitzer (CNN's In The Arena).

Of course, none of those people were ever charged with murder. And while Anthony may have been acquitted, she has certainly lost credibility in the court of public opinion. Would casting her in a show be too distasteful, even in our current, anything-goes celebrity climate? Maybe.

On the other hand, reporting on Anthony has brought record ratings to the HLN network. According to The New York Times, Nancy Grace's coverage of the verdict attracted "the biggest audience in the six-year history of the show."

Despicable as exploiting Anthony's popularity sounds, she obviously would pique the interest of TV viewers. So the question is: How low will TV execs go?

Source: http://www.ivillage.com/will-casey-anthony-get-tv-show/1-a-363464

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