Zemeckis Considering Monster Project

From a Brian Helgeland screenplay

Those potential live action projects continue to rack up for Robert Zemeckis, who's now consdering Here There Be Monsters, along with the previously reported Flight, Replay and Major Matt Mason. The film is a high-concept (although we're supposed to call it 'elevated genre' these days, apparently) from Legendary Pictures honcho Thomas Tull, which sees Revolutionary War naval hero John Paul Jones battling sea monsters. Jones' most significant naval victory was the capture of the Royal Navy warship HMS Drake in 1778, but his Wikipedia page makes no mention of krakens or leviathans or demons of the deep that we can spot. Those whimsical insertions then will be the job of Brian Helgeland (LA Confidential, Man on Fire, Robin Hood) who's knocking the script together. Jones has a legendary (probably apocryphal) catchphrase in I have not yet begun to fight, which we imagine will at least make the first draft. Zemeckis, as has been stated on many an occasion recently, appears to be distancing himself from animation for the time being, following the woeful underperformace of Mars Needs Moms (although he still hopes to set Yellow Submarine up somewhere). Is an historical fantasy adventure mash-up the answer to his relative troubles? Give us your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: http://rss.feedsportal.com/c/592/f/7507/s/16f2bef5/l/0L0Sempireonline0N0Cnews0Cstory0Basp0DNID0F3160A4/story01.htm

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