"Promo and Logos Body Painting" Photo Gallery

People who are attracted to more modern forms of art may find landscape boring. These people prefer an edgier approach and contemporary practitioners are more than willing to provide it. Conceptual art in particular has made the headlines for being controversial. Animal body parts have been used in art, soiled bed sheets and other personal belongings of the artist have been put on public display.

Traditionalists are frequently enraged by such activities. Art critics will argue that this work is just about sensation and little else. They claim that this kind of work does not require much skill and talent, and that anyone could put it together. Contemporary artists have found novel ways of answering these arguments. They suggest that time will be the judge of their talent.

The popularity of contemporary art with an intrigued public seems to keep growing even if some people suggest that this kind of art will not last in the way that older forms have. They suggest it will not be enjoyed as much in future centuries. Smaller local galleries rarely feature this kind of art. Often they are interested in promoting local artists who can gain a strong local or regional following. Artists who paint aspects of an area that is frequented by tourists also tend to do well and galleries are keen to support their work. This art is sometimes scorned by elitist artists and art critics but it brings enjoyment to countless people.