Championship Round! The Movie Genre vs. Movie Genre Tournament

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After a week some of the most intense genre-on-genre battling the Internet has ever seen, we have arrived at the end. The Championship Round.

And what a matchup it is. Two genuine heavyweights, Robots and Superheroes, will face off in this, the final contest in our first-ever Movie Genre vs. Movie Genre tournament.

In the semifinals, the Superheroes genre made easy work of Mobsters, declaring itself the true juggernaut (heh) of this competition. Its three victories thus far have been by 84 percentage points over Nicholas Sparks Book Adaptations in the first round, 74 points over Slashers in Round 2, and now 50 points over Mobsters -- an average victory of nearly 70 points. Astounding.

Robots, on the other hand, engineered (heh) a surprisingly easy triumph in the semifinals over Pirates, a genre which had seemed unstoppable in its quality wins over Monkeys and 1940s Film Noir Private Detectives. We even had a badass Dread Pirate Roberts photo all ready to go for this round, but Robots would have none of it, stomping its way to a 24-point victory.

Let's take a closer look at our championship fight ...

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