Gallery Arts Football Body Painting

The three panel painting by Mian Ejaz ul-Hassan "the Red Signal", was a social comment of mid-seventies, under the influence of Communism that demanded basic rights and social equilibrium in reaction to the monarchy or capitalism that in its time, deprived human beings of their basic and fundamental rights. Mian Ejaz ul-Hassan, prior to be known as a specialist of Amaltas trees, did express very radical and socialist doctrine, a fashion and trend of his times as it was the thought of the day in mid and late seventies which inspired the educated youth in the subcontinent as well before falling a prey to the glamour and force of the western capitalistic web.

Dr Shahida Manzoor has started participating in exhibitions recently after a long period of almost eight years as she was out of the country for her doctoral degree in Art History, since she is very busy in carrying out research program as the coordinator at Research Center, College of Art & Design University of the Punjab Lahore, it is getting harder for her to paint prolifically, but even then, her passion for painting, her beloved topic; the cityscape of Lahore is still getting powerful expression through vivid and massive rendering of architectural backgrounds and elongated perspectives of narrow streets of the "Old City" with rickshaws and tongas moving across the dripping red canvasses. She named her frame as "the Dying Heritage".