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Lahore is not only the city of colors, but also a center of academic acquirements for centuries. Politically this city has been important enough to become the capital, once for the Mughals, and later for Ranjit Singh. Saints found this place as their eternal abode while kings, queens and princes patched its soil with eternal sleep.

Shopping has also been a festivity in this city while the taste buds may rejuvenate by its local and adopted recipes.

Architecture has been a mark of distinction with small brick construction of the buildings under British influence during the colonial rule. The Mall, once known as Thandi Sarak is mainly studded with architectural designs of famous Bhai Ram Singh. This road, apart from being delightfully laced with green trees, is also known for academic institutions standing tall on its edges. The Atchison College, University of the Punjab and NCA are best known while opposite to NCA, along the Nasir Garden, a road may lead you to Government College, commonly known as GC which now has earned the status of university. This college has been a towering institution for providing excellence in education since it was established in late nineteenth century.