In Defense of Brett Ratner Producing the Academy Awards

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So... does this mean that Chris Tucker will be hosting? On Thursday, it was announced that Brett Ratner will be producing the 84th Academy Awards. This announcement was met with, let's just say, overwhelming mass disapproval -- judging from my Twitter feed, the only selection that could have been less popular would be John Boehner. You see, Ratner, fair or not, has established himself as the prototypical poster boy for the Typical Hollywood Movie. And Ratner's image as an outspoken party boy (who's not afraid to Tweet - IN ALL CAPS -- at unassuming movie writers at 3:45 a.m. when he's not pleased) hasn't necessarily endeared him to your average cinephile. But, when you look at the mess that the Oscars has become, Ratner may actually (gasp!) be the perfect guy for the job.

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