Kenny Ortega Kicks Up Heels for 'Dirty Dancing' Remake

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Hollywood always has nice consolation prizes for its talent. Kenny Ortega, the innovative choreographer who helped put Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey on the map by choreographing the grinding dance action that made the 1987 Emile Ardolino-helmed 'Dirty Dancing' a major hit, has been tapped by Lionsgate to direct the remake. A consolation prize? Well, a couple of years ago he had been promised the helm of the remake of 'Footloose,' which was to star Zac Efron in the lead, but that deal fell though (the film will be released Oct. 14 with Kenny Wormald taking on the famous Kevin Bacon role).

Vestron Pictures, which began as a home video outfit in the early 1980s, made 'Dirty Dancing' but folded before it could make a sequel -- it was almost 17 years before 'Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights,' was made by Veston's successor, Artisan, which also folded; the film was distributed by Lionsgate and bombed. But Lionsgate kept the rights, and is now moving forward with the remake.

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