Kill List Director Joins Big Screen

Ben Wheatley to bring thriller footage

Keep your eyes peeled for Ben Wheatley's Kill List, a British movie certain to feature strongly on most film-of-the-year tallies. Wheatley, whose debut Down Terrace made a big impression, will be introducing his film at Empire Presents.... BIG SCREEN this weekend. Wheatley and the film's star Neil Maskell will be rocking up at The 02, Kill List in hand and showing off clips from their black-as-pitch thriller. Maskell plays a retired hitman lured back for that fateful 'one last job' by the temptation of some ready cash and the needs of his struggling wife (MyAnna Buring). Only, well, that 'one last job' turns out to be a whole lot of mini-jobs, all of them involving killing people. All on the titular kill list. Intrigued? We are. Kill List is in cinemas on September 2. Click here for tickets to BIG SCREEN's advanced look, introduced by Wheatley himself.


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