New Body Painting Gallery

Visiting an art gallery is something increasing numbers of people like to enjoy. They are places that can inspire entertain and challenge in equal measure. From the large internationally known galleries that are found in capital cities to the small more specialist places, they all have something to offer.

Art is sometimes seen as elitist and not for everyone, but this far from the case. The success of large scale art projects that have really captured the public imagination is a testament to this. Large public art has again become a focus of cultural activity, as well as a source of local civic pride. People visit the great capital cities of the world often to visit particular art galleries.

Galleries may specialise in a certain type of art. For instance there may be a large gallery that concentrates on portraiture. This is an important aspect of the development of art. It reflects the changing role of the individual in society. Once people when they were depicted in artistic work were not really given much detail or personality. Over the centuries this changed until the individual became the focus. The great and the good would commission artists to reproduce portraits to ensure their longevity.

Landscape may be something else that a gallery chooses to specialise in. This is all about how an artist interprets the visual world. The romantic period saw people venture out into landscapes that were once considered dangerous and not very interesting. Now artists wanted to capture the visceral beauty of landscape in all its glory. These paintings are still exceptionally popular.