The Sitter Red Band Trailer Hits

Jonah Hill's adventures in babysitting

Would you let Jonah Hill take care of your children? Okay, you might as he's a very nice man, but what if it weren't Jonah himself, but really his character Noah, a slacker college burnout who finds a chance to make some easy cash by looking after a group of annoying ankle-biters in The Sitter. You can watch the red band trailer below, but be warned: naughty words can be heard and some scenes of a sexual nature abound. Oh, and there are kids swearing. Since this comes from David Gordon Green operating in Pineapple Express mode, things don't go quite according to plan. While caring for the little brats is tough enough, Noah then gets mixed up in a crazy adventure that includes drug dealers, car chases and the opportunity to show off his street skills. The oddest part of this promo is the slightly awkward, overlong introduction featuring Hill and his young co-stars. We're not quite sure it was necessary, though it is fascinating to contrast Hill's current, 21 Jump Street-level frame compared to how he looked while making The Sitter. Still, there are some funny moments to be found in the trailer, and we're always glad to see Sam Rockwell given a chance to let loose. The film will arrive across the pond on December 9, followed by a January 27, 2012 release date over here.


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