Steve Carell Tells Us What Movie Star 'Makes Me Look Like an A-Hole'

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Steve Carell is a very nice man. At least, that's his reputation -- so much so that the writers of 'Knocked Up' worked in a punch line about his incorrigible congeniality (a pregnant Katherine Heigl is told, "Wow, you managed to turn Steve Carell into an a**hole. No easy feat"). It's virtually impossible to find anyone who would ever say an unkind word about Carell -- except maybe for Steve Carell himself.

In 'Crazy, Stupid, Love,' the actor plays a New Balance-sneaker-wearing man named Cal, who just found out his longtime wife (Julianne Moore) wants a divorce. This news, in turn, sends Cal on a series of misadventures with his newfound friend Jacob (Ryan Gosling), who teaches Cal that the secret to seducing women has little to do with washboard abs - which, for the record, Jacob does posses. Moviefone spoke to Carell about starring opposite Ryan Gosling's taut tummy, the uncertain status of Charlie Kaufman's 'Frank or Francis,' and the one star in Hollywood who's even nicer than he is.

Moviefone: 'Crazy, Stupid, Love' should really include a warning for unhip moviegoers who happen to wear New Balance sneakers, considering how the film feels about those shoes.
Steve Carell: You know what? I have no ax to grind with New Balance or The Gap. They've both been a staple of my adult fashion, so I stand behind my sartorial choices.

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